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FMCSA Roadside Inspections

Roadside inspections affect everyone. Roadside inspections are a form of monitoring which improves safety, allows for enforcement, and ensures compliance with all applicable regulations. These inspections usually take place at the roadside and are conducted, unannounced, by a certified Federal, State or provincial CMV inspector. During a roadside inspection for a New Entrant motor carrier, FMCSA has identified 7 “triggering incidents.” The Agency believes that these "triggering incidents" pose the greatest threat to public safety. ➤ ROADSIDE INSPECTIONS TRIGGERING INCIDENTS 1. Using a driver without a valid CDL. 2. Operating a vehicle declared OOS. 3. Being involved in a hazardous materials (HM) reportable incident involving radioactive materials, explosives, or inhalable poisons. 4. Being involved in 2 or more HM incidents with HM other than those above. 5. Using a driver who tests positive for drugs or alcohol OR refuses to take a test. 6. Operating without proper insurance. 7. Having a driver or vehicle OOS rate of 50% or more in a 90-day period. If a “triggering incident” is revealed during a roadside inspection of a New Entrant, expedited action will be initiated. For additional information, please visit our Web sites: or call the FMCSA Information Line 1-800-832-5660

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