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Our Team

 Building a strong reputation and treating both our team members and customers with respect is crucial for any business. By prioritizing these values, you create a positive work environment and foster trust with our customers.

It's commendable that our agents go above and beyond to serve the community's needs. Education plays a vital role in ensuring drivers are informed and equipped to navigate their responsibilities effectively. By offering educational resources and guidance, you can help drivers stay on track and improve their performance, which ultimately benefits your business as well.

We continuously striving to meet the needs of the community and customers demonstrates our commitment to their satisfaction. By providing exceptional service and actively addressing their concerns, we are building strong relationships and foster loyalty among our customer base.

Overall, our focus on reputation, respect, and community service showcases the team dedication to maintaining high standards and ensuring the success of both the business and the individuals we serve.


Source One Insurance Agency (SOIA) is a full-service insurance agency founded in 2017 by David Cavanaugh and Marci Hyde with specialization in truck coverage, SOIA offers a comprehensive range of insurance solutions, including business, life, personal auto, home, worker's compensation, and more. While their primary focus is on trucking insurance, they understand the diverse needs of their clients and strive to meet all their insurance requirements.

At SOIA, their mission is to provide affordable insurance options without compromising on coverage quality. They believe in educating their clients about different insurance options and guiding them to make informed decisions. By understanding their clients' unique needs, they shop around for affordable insurance policies from A+ rated carriers, ensuring the best coverage at competitive prices.

One of the key aspects that sets SOIA apart is their commitment to top-notch customer service. They understand that insurance can be complex, and their dedicated team of licensed insurance agents is always available to answer questions, provide personalized assistance, and address any concerns. Their emphasis on customer satisfaction has earned them positive reviews on platforms like Google, where prospective clients can learn more about their exceptional service.

Whether you're an independent owner operator, small fleet, or an individual seeking various insurance solutions, Source One Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing reliable, affordable coverage and exceptional customer service.

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